Video/audio burning from camcorder to pc burn to dvd

Hi I’m a rookie, and senior citizen so it takes me a little longer to grasp this tech stuff but I copied video/audio from camcorder It was a wedding vhs and was called a movie clip mpeg. The video & sound played great off the disk I burned but only on my PC . When placed it in dvd player to watch on tv = no sound great video but no sound. I tried the disk again on my PC and great sound & video Hope to get some help.

What software did youn use to burn and what DVD media (brand) did you use?
How did you author DVD? Did you get VIDEO_TS folder to burn?

I used videoxpress to transfer from camera to pc than i used dvdsanta to burn to disk. I tried nero to burn but nero said i needed = dvd-video plug-in so i searched around and found that you had to buy this plug in thats when i found dvdsanta on trial if you like it you can buy it. I used a verbatim dvd-r disk to burn to and i requested that i burn both video and audio. When i played it on my computer it played great both video and audio but when i tried to watch it on my tv no sound just good video. The mpeg movie clip from the camera had to be encoded and dvdsanta did that

OK, the Verb disc is fine.
I do not use DvdSanta, but it sounds like the audio in not correct DVD format.
Get GSpot (free), load one of VOB files in and see what it say about audio type.
Post here.
It could also be a burning problem. Get ImgBurn (very good and free/ donation only). Use that to burn new DVD, just find VIDEO_TS folder and load it in, burn.

OK Thanks I’ll give all your help a try I’ll download it all and try to make sure it says that i’m getting the audio but right now i have to go and shovel snow for the next hour or so but i will post back my results to you

I CAN COPY AND BURN BUT I’M NOT GETTING THE AUDIO I was given Videoxpress ADS Tech Media TV 3 as a Christmas gift to try and recover some of the many VHS films I have taken with my SAMSUNG SCL810 (ntsc)8mm CAMCORDER Hi8 DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSOR . I have great video and sound running at the time of capture but no sound is being recorded. I did have one video that I captured that plays sound but only on my PC no sound on my TV & only the 1 out of about 8. I have tried about 8/10 different times to capture and put on disks but no sound just screwing up my disks. There must be some kind of a setting I’m missing out on but can’t seem to get it ??

First of all, your SASAMSUNG SCL810 is an analogue device.
Videoxpress ADS is analogue to digital converter. You need capture software to get the video/sound to your computer, I assume that is a DVD Santa. If that is the one, look at this page, does not look very good.

Do you have a full Nero software and what version?
What format is captured file in your computer?
Can you play that file with video and sound using software player from computer? You can use Nero or VLC(this one is free).