Video Artifacts Due to Media?

I used Shrink to burn a DVD to Sony8x DVD-R Sony8xD and saw some pixelation and background blinking effects normally expected when compressing video. However, the media was stuttering on playback on my standalone so I had to try new media. I then re-burned the DVD to a Maxell 8x Maxl 002 DVD+R Media. Now it seems as though the blinking and artifacts are all gone…I was under the impression that pixelation and so-called macroblocks are all due to the compression software, not the media being used. Can better media actually help the quality of the video?? Thanks.

if your standalone is having trouble playing the disc usually due to poor quality of the media then yes it can cause ‘blocks’ or ‘stuttering’ during playback, compression does cause more artifacts to occur it just depends how far you compress as to the extent of the artifacts and how good your tv and or eyesight is :slight_smile: to wether you notice or not, but random artifacts are usually a sign of poor, failing or dirty media or incompatability with your standalone.