Video and Pics on the same project (Nero 7)

[FONT=Arial Black]Hello, my first post. I’m using Nero 7 and want to use both pics and small video clips (made by the same digital camera) on a project (DVD). I can get one or the other to work but not at the same time. Can this be done, or am I just overlooking something? THANKS for your HELP!![/FONT]

Welcome, and please don’t use bold caps. It is like yelling. It appears you are very new to video. If you go to, and browse some of the definations, guides, and tutorials, you will find answers to most of your questions.

Not so sure it can be done using Nero but I should imagine so. :rolleyes:
It’s a piece of cake though using Ulead Workshop 2. :slight_smile:

If you want to mix video clips and stills, at the end what I understand you wanna get is a film with both.
So, what you have to do is to use a video editor that can do it, as you will place the stills in the timeline and ask the application to keep it on screen for x time (some editors will allow you to pan and zoom the stills to give them action). For this you have to say in the preferences that you want the output as Mpeg2 DVD compatible files,
At the end, you need to author the DVD using the appropriate application.
U Workshop 2 indicated by nicadair is a professional application and can do a lot of things, but:

    • it is expensive (if you buy it…)
    • Has a long and sloppy learning curve
    • Will not allow you to do more than just “put” your photos in the film (no pan no scan no zoom).
      After you edit the movie, NeroVision Express 3 that you have in version 7 can author the DV, but for the editor you would do better with other application (look at Pinnacle, UleadVideo Studio, Magix, etc…)…


I think I paid about £10 for a copy from E-bay, Ulead Workshop 2 has many good points but also some bad.
An example, a vob file removed from an encrypted DVD can be extremely problematic in Workshop, but in other cheaper software such as Sonic DVD 6 they are no problem.
I should point out for home video footage I have mixed photos and video together on the same DVD and the results were superb.
Another thing, Workshop 2 is basically a sophisticated menu maker, that’s really all I use it for.
And Agomes is spot on with his second point, I totally agree.
2. - Has a long and sloppy learning curve :smiley: