Video and films recorded onto DL does not play on Panasonic DVD-S35

Hello everyone,

I have been puzzled by a problem I’ve had which I cannot resolve…yet! I have done some searching on google and cannot quite find the right answer.

I have two problems, both of which concern DUAL-LAYER playback on my home DVD player (standalone, connected to my TV) - my Panasonic DVD-S35.

(1) When I create a movie from my digital videos recorded with my Digital-8 camera, convert them first to uncompressed .AVI files using NeroVision Express 3.x, then burn them onto a dual-layer disc (Verbatim) using Nero Burning ROM 6.x, my home DVD player (the DVD-S35) does not recognize them or plays only the second of two titles, depending on which burner I use. It can play the second title of 2 titles total when I burn the DVD with my BENQ DW1620 DVD-RW/CD-RW combo writer. I does not even recognize the media (shows “no disc” or cannot play this type of disc) when I burn the exact same set of files (from the VIDEO_TS folder) using my new LG GH20NS10 DVD-RAM/DVD/CD-RW writer.

Yesterday, I tried burning the same set of files using 1CLICKDVDCOPY, selected the dual-layer option and still, my Panasonic does not recognize the disc at all.

(2) When I burn a film from the original DVD, after decrypting it with DVD SHRINK 3.2, using Nero Burning ROM 6.x, same thing happens - my Panasonic does not recognize the disc at all.

I set the booktype today (in Nero) to PHYSICAL disc TYPE and during the burn process, I saw that Nero correctly set it to DVD+R DL, but the disc is not even recognized by my Panasonic home DVD player.

What can I do about this? I emailed Panasonic and they said DVD-S35 plays movies but does not play recorded dual-layer discs. This is UNTRUE! A few years ago, I SUCCESSFULLY recorded movies onto the same Verbatim dual-layer DVD+R-DL media, using a different DVD/CD burner by HP and my Panasonic home player was playing them. However, I exchanged the HP for the BENQ and then I cannot recall if I ever successfully recorded anything onto dual-layer afterwards. It is possible I used the BENQ and also used 1CLICKDVDCOPY. But I have upgraded the firmware of the BENQ since then…

In any case, can anyone tell me please, what I need to do to get recorded movies and video to play properly on my DVD-S35? What is a software I can use that is reliable or is there another issue? Since the problem occurs with BOTH my BENQ and my LG burners, using Nero 6, I am guessing this may be a video burning software issue.

NOTE: all dual-layer videos play perfectly on my BENQ and on my LG burners.

Thank-you for any help you can provide.


First. Book typing is usually done on DVD+R/SL or DL to DVD-ROM.
This is to make +R DVD more compatible with some of the DVD players.
For Dual Layer disc I would strongly recommend to use ImgBurn (free) for burning instead of Nero.
I had some problem with Verbatim 2.4x DL discs, 8x are fine.
I have two LG burners (H62L and H10N) and both are burning without problem.

CDuncle, thank-you for your suggestions.

For the record, after I posted my question, I took the same dual-layer DVD to a store in downtown and played it on a new model Panasonic DVD player - basic player (DVD-S43 was the model) and it played perfectly right away without issues.

It is obvious my older model DVD-S35 which dates from 2003 is more picky than the newer DVD models out there now and the sales-person confirmed this.

I may try the ImgBurn however, to see if it works, out of curiosity… or I may eventually get a new DVD player. Since DL media is much cheaper now, and I want to use it for my home movies without loss of any quality due to compression, it may be worth my time getting a new DVD player since DVDs are very inexpensive now. Around $80 for this Panasonic I was told by the salesman.