Video and Audio file settings

I HATE, HATE 128 bit music :slight_smile: Lowest my 1/2 deaf ears can tolerate is 192 :slight_smile:

Having said that, what is the best movie file setting for audio?

Also, what is the best file size compromise for video quality and storage space?

What are you playing the files on? The best quality would probably be saving it as a VOB. The best mix of quality and space is very subjective - most compression schemes have their own little quirks that some find annoying and others can’t even detect. Most of the time I’m in the latter category so I doubt I can be much help other than to suggest taking a movie with characteristics you like and trying to convert them from DVD to a few different formats until you find what you like. Note that converting from DVD to an MP4 to an AVI to a WMV cascades the compression artifacts and errors so start from the DVD each time (ripped to the hard drive is faster). Also, depending on your device you may be limited to certain formats (I do WMV for my XBox 360 because it’s the only format I can stream with 5.1 sound - 5.1 being much more important to me than audio and video quality).

I have a decent a/v system.

Just picked up a D-Link media player, and backing up all my DVD’s to generic AVI files. Seeing how I have a few hundred DVD’s, digital storage space is somewhat important.

I have found the D-Link has to be set to analog to get the 5.1 sound, but it’s not digital. If I set it to digital, it forces everything through center speaker only. I begin to notice some jerkiness at 500kbps, which for a typical movie gets to about 700M.