Video 8 to Computer?

I need help in transferring my Video 8 Home Movies to my Computer so I eventually can burn them on to DVD.
My camcorder is a Sony , Video 8 Handycam about 13-14 years old.

First you need to know, I am clueless about anything to do with video transfers and burning :frowning: So any technical terms used will be jibberish to me:confused::wink:

I need to know what usb/ tranfer wire I need to connect to my camcorder going to my Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop to get my Video on to my Computer ??
This Camcorder was never connected to this computer, so once connected will it download the right driver/software for this Camcorder automatic ?
If not what do I need and were do I get it?
Once that is done, what do I need ( software) to transform the video in to the right read file so I can then burn ( also need to know the right software to burn) to DVD??
Can this even be done with such an old camcorder ??

See, told you guys I was clueless…lol

Any Help for this Clueless Chick ???:flower:

Thanks for your time


Hi Jean, and welcome to cdfreaks. What is the model number of your camcorder? Does it have a firewire connector on it? If not, what types of connectors are available?