Vide capture, this may sound a dumb question

Is it possible to capture video direct from your DVD-READER to the HD?

The reason I ask, is that I have a film here that plays fine my dvd player and on my PC via PowerDVD. Now, If I try to rip the vobs to HD, that last vob always gives me a CRC error. I’ve tried everything to get this git on my HD, but no joy.
I was wondering if I could capture the thing direct from my reader to HD via some software? That way at least I could get the film over and take it from there.

Is this possible?


just a thought, but if it plays fine on your PC, perhaps the problem is the disc is spinning too fast to recover the data. Maybe you could use an app like CD Bremse or Nero drive speed to lock your drive @ 1 or 2x and use ISOBuster/DVD Decrypter to get the bad vob off of the disc… worth a shot

Thanks…will give that a shot

F**K ME!!! It worked!

I slowed the drive down to 2 speed, then made an image with DVD Decrypter. Went to the shops cos I didn’t want to watch it fail, came back and the image was complete!

Thanks again :slight_smile: