Vid-x to a Dvd readable format

I figured out this much on my own, but now my only issue is when i attempt to burn it to a Dvd my dvd player can’t read the disk. Is there a certian program i need to use to burn my dvd’s. Please respond if more information is needed from me or if you can help me anyway.

avi > dvd

Sorry to be bother but thats not working on my computer either, Their under the media player VLC and the Generate to bring it up to a dvd format won’t pop up

what? check the link, they have many guides!

I didn’t understand most of the tutorals, if you can’t tell i’m new to having a Dvd burner i’ve only had it for 2 weeks now and was introduced to Torrents, and had to install a player Vlc to even watch the files, Now everytime i try to convert them to dvd format it says it works but when you go to play it in my Dvd player (Which is a newer dvd player ) it says it can’t read the disk…i’m uterly confused.

If you download copyrighted material then you should re-read the forum rules first.

Okay well thanks for the attempt in helping, I really had no idea what i was doing, or even that they we’re copy righted. i just found it confusing that it burn’t on my friends computer when he downloaded the files and i couldn’t burn them properly on mine without coming accrossed issues. Sorry for the trouble.