Vid Player with PowerDVD-like capture capability

I like the way PowerDVD 4 does it: you get to move forward frame by frame (and jump backward a few frames at a time if needed) and you can capture with a keystroke. I wish I could customize the hotkeys but that’s another tale.

Trouble is PowerDVD won’t play non-DVD video and I can’t find an app that will do all it does for non-DVD video. I’ve tried M2V player but it has an annoying habit of capturing a frame other than the one I’m seeing on my monitor, lol.

Can anyone recommend an app? Plays lots of formats (at least avi, mpg, Divx, etc.), frame-by-frame progression and easy-to-use frame capture?

Lol, damn I’m an idiot! All this time “open media files” was just sitting there waiting for me to use it…

Slaps forehead

edit: whoops, the frame controls are greyed out…

Slaps forehead again