Vid conversion



im just wondering what the best video converter out there is to convert to DVD format. im looking to download it if i can. i dont have much money so buying it is last option if possible. thnx

dvd format is mpeg and mpeg-2 right?


if you want a simple .avi to dvd converter, get vsodivxtodvd. There is a free version that does a more than decent job. It will also do .mpgs. If you want IMHO the best dvd compressor out, get Dvd Rebuilder. It comes with some free video encoders (quenc, Hc and rejig) that do a very decent job when it comes to compression. Avi2dvd also uses these encoders to convert dvds and it does a good job converting files, but to get the best quality the encoders are SLOW. A lot of people consider Cinema Craft to be the best encoder out but the cost is insane.


with divxtodvd click here
with dvd santa click here
with tmpgenc click here

its best to get a dvd player that supports xvid/divx for several reasons

  1. when you re-encode to dvd you lose quality , not alot but still a good reason
  2. it will save you alot of time and hassle
  3. im not sure about it but its possible that they can play xvid/divx on dvd media if thats the case youll have several movies on one dvd means youll save lot of medias & money

CCE indeed have a way higher then normal price but theres also the basic version which cost about 60$