Vice city play disc?

Hi. I just made a image of Vice city install disc which is Securom protected but the play disc I scanned with Clony XL and didn’t find any protection, so I used Alcohol 120% normal cd profile for play disc to make a image. Now the problem is that at the end of the image making I’m getting dumb errors and a bad sector. Now I’m suspecting that the play disc is also protected but don’t know why ClonyXXL didn’t detect. help please

It’s the play disc that’s protected not the install disc.

Clony detects securom on the install disc because the protected exe file is installed from that cd but it’s the play disc that’s mastered with the protection.

thanks for reply. So which profile should I use for play & install disc when I make the image?:wink:

I have lite-On 166s DVD
lite-on 52246s CDRW

follow these direction. I used it and it works:From Philamber’s secuROM guide