Vice City Image problem

I imaged my Vice City CDs with BlindWrite Suite (latest version to date), and I am trying to mount the play cd with daemon tools 3.29. For whatever reason, when I try to play the game, I get the spinning cd cursor for a few seconds and then nothing. Obviously, it is not seeing the mounted image as a valid play cd. I have imaged it with subcode extraction on, and I am still having a problem. I have seen that other people have successfully made backups of Vice City with the latest version of blindwrite suite, so I am not sure of the issue.

I have made images of my games with blindwrite before and played them with daemon tools without any problem. I know that the Vice City cd is a pain when it comes to protection. Could this be an issue with the cd-rom I am using to extract the image? Is there a later version of daemon tools that would be able to emulate the latest version of securom effectively? (I’d try this before I post except the daemon tools website is down.) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

First of all. Daemon Tools has moved to a better new look site here.
Secondly, you must have a BWA file in order to play SecuROM 4.8 protected games using the Blindwrite image format.

thank you thank you thank you…

I downloaded the BWA file (because I had tried to make my own without success earlier) and it worked like a charm. Thank you so much. I was getting really tired of the game lagging for a few seconds while it spun the CD. Also, thanks for filling me in on the new daemon tools website. He should make a redirect on his old space or something. Anyway, a million times thank you.

I have just come across the same problem.

I just did a fresh install of XP and SP2 to fix some non-related problems.
I reloaded everything to just like I had it before and everything works wonderfully now…except…
Now when I try to play Vice City I just get a spinning CD mouse icon, then nothing.
In task manager I can watch gta-vc.exe start then just disappear.
I used to run vice city from a disk image (.nrg) using Daemon tools 347, but this suddenly doesn’t work now.
(Yes I made the images myself from a legit CD that I paid for)
As far as I can tell, NOTHING is different than before except that vice city seems to know it’s not a cd in a drive!

I suppose I could just pop the cd in and out, but this is really bugging me.

I’ve checked on just about every VC forum and tried everything suggested…

I’ve tried the latest nVidia drivers (61.77)and the 2 I’ve used previously (mainly my prefered 53.03 which used to run it fine).
I’ve tried fresh reinstalls. (and I tried deleting every reference in the registry)
I’ve tried the 1.1 patch.

I’m pretty sure that it’s not an SP2 problem seeing as how I had SP2 installed before.

I was suprised to read that VC was a hard one to backup.
I made a copy with Nero and it worked fine.
For me it was the easiest of any game I’ve ever backed up… until now.

How does the .bwa file work? Is it for the writing of the image with diskdump or the usage of the image?

Any other suggestions on this matter would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

Now after a fresh installation I can’t even play the game from the CDs. It changes the mouse pointer permanently, locks any drive that contains the Play CD, or an image of it, and… you know what… Screw this game. I now own a $30 beer coaster. All this because I did a fresh install of XP.