Vice City Help?

Long Story Short, I had VC on a machine running XP and Linux decided to reformat and start over, and during the move I broke the VC Play disc so I can’t read the FEVER.adf file, can’t find it on the net the game won’t play without it help???

You broke it as in you scratched it?
I’m assuming the game is original (or you would probably not need the discs in the first place); you can probably obtain a replacement disk by the distributor if you can prove to them you bought it.
If you are unwilling to do that or if they just don’t care, I’m afraid you have to download the whole cd. It shouldn’t be illegal when you already own the game.

well, the inside of the cd is cracked, and I have a new problem now, I don’t know what’s wrong, because I found the FEVER file and downloaded it off the net, tryed it and the game starts fine shows rockstar and goes through the intro but if I hit any key, the screen turns black and nothing happens, any ideas?

I have Xp Pro
Geforce 2 64
196 Ram I think
2.1 GHZ

Order a replacement disc from the distributer. If evidence of ownership is provided (the damaged disc itself would probably do), they will usually replace the damaged disc for a significantly reduced price.

I’d like to find a way to play it now if possible, I’ll get a different disc if I have to but I wanna figure out what’s wrong in case it happens again.

like I said everything loads but after the intro nothing happens, I’m not sure what’s wrong?

Almost certainly a corrupt installation.