Vice city + CCD HELP!


Reader: Toshiba SDM-1212
Writer: Plextor 1210a 12x12x32 cdrw

  1. Read CD GAME profile the Play CD of GTA3 VC on my Toshiba drive.

2)Used BWA Builder to build my own BWA, here is what it looks like:

Used Twinpeaks to patch image, and then burned with CloneCD.

When I install, when it comes to the stage for me to enter the 2nd CD, I get this error:

I have tried another BWA I downloaded somewhere on this board with the identical problem. I tried burning with a Lite ON 52x and I have the same problem


have you tried writing the disc at a lower speed, I would suggest 4x as that usually helps.

Good luck, hope that works

its already writing at four since I am testing wit CDRW.

Tried with cdr too but not at 4.

hehehe now im haveing a strange problem with the same game…
The BWA file you created above is what it is meant to look like for both cds but i cant make one that looks like that no matter what i do or how slow i do it.

So i thought who cares and made one that looks like this:

C the wierd thing is that it works perfect and allthough it says 12x i made that on at 32x

Pretty cool huh, i working image with what seems to be a fu*ked up bwa file.

It’s pretty well known by now that you generally can’t install a twinpeak copy (though you can play once installed) from a Toshiba, Plextor or Asus drive.

Either install from your original (you do own the original, don’t you? :wink: ) or make a separate copy of the installation cd/s without twinpeak patching for installation purposes.

Try to set the max sector at 90.000. Maybe this will help.:cool: