Vibrating NEC 3520



Has anybody noticed if their NEC 3520 vibrates alot?

Mine really vibrates the pc case alot, yet it’s firmly screwed in at 4 points.

My Pioneer 108 doesn’t generate half the vibration the NEC does :confused:



i have a 2510a and find that the drive vibrates only when i use a particular media wiht some discs its worse but with others there is no vibration at all. also find that the lower speed i burn the naff discs the less vibrations.



Get your wife/girlfriend to sit on your PC next time your burn a disc, if the vibration is very excessive you’ll know :slight_smile:

Seriously though, it may be unbalanced/warped media or the hole in the middle is offset slightly. Does this happen with EVERY disc you burn/read? You could try putting rubber washers between the NEC and the case to try and minimize the vibration, but as sheridan2000 says, it may be the one type of media causing the vibration.


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When burning at speeds over 8x, or when reading discs, the drive spins up to pretty high revs. A little unbalance in the discs will cause strong vibrations and a lot of noise. You could think of a hole which is not exactly centered, or a wrongly applied label, causing the unbalance.

Try reading a pressed DVD/CD. If the vibration still happens, it might be your drive which has unbalance.


See this:


That clip is from a British TV ad, I’m British btw, and that’s what I was thinking about when I posted the remark :slight_smile: The guy who does the voice over is Paul Merton, a British comic fyi :slight_smile:


Crappy media is the number one cause for excessive vibration. I use only quality media. The drive is noisy at 16X, but I wouldn’t say there is an abnormal amount of vibration at this speed.

Glueing junk on top of the DVD will also result in an unbalanced DVD…more vibration.