Viacom to get 738 million tax free to shed Blockbuster

I just posted the article Viacom to get 738 million tax free to shed Blockbuster.

 Due to competition from cut rate vendors such as  Wal-Mart and Netflix that sell or rent DVD's on the cheap, Viacom is laying the  groundwork to divorce themselves from the still profitable...
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Not surprising they want to offload BB, getting out while the gettings still just about good I reckon. Overpriced is all I have to say…

Yes, overpriced. The thing that gets me is that they hire business managers. You think they’d be smart and change their business plans to properly compete, but I guess not. They need a point-of-parity, something that makes me say, “geez, I’d rather go to BB cause they offer this or that.” Problem is, no one is saying that. Netflix and some others are doing it right, and that’s why they’re labeled the “purple cow.”

BB’ just needs to restructure their pricing. I can go to my local Rogers video (big video chain in Canada) and rent 7 7-day rental dvd’s (including some fairly current releasees) for $12… at BB that’d be like $28… Now, how I manage to watch all those movies is another matter altogether :d

hmm I don’t know why the dollar amounts were left out of my post, but it would be 12 bucks at rogers and 28 at bb for the same thing.

I’ve seen every major motion picture release on DVD in the last four years for FREE!!! How is that possible? My local public library! Now that’s sticking it to the MPAA. Use your public library, your taxes pay for it!

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Blockbuster just started a $24 all you can eat rental deal just like Netflix. I use netflix now but with the blockbuster around the corner I have signed up for one month. You can have up to 2 movies out and get this, come back the same day and get 2 more. This is a DVD rippers wet dream, not that I would know about that. I also signed up for Walmarts free one month to see how there service is. I get the DVD’s as fast as netflix but the selection is not nearly there yet.