VIA Win2k Performance Probs

I cant seem to burn any greater than 8x on my 24x Liteon IDE drive without using the VIA IDE busmaster drivers, which work a treat. the problem with them is

a) they make my system unstable
b) i can’t hibernate Win2k any more than once

anyone have any ideas on how to get to full 24x burning and hibernating with a stable system? currently using the Microsoft default drivers, which everyone seems to rave abuot, but are doing a shit job for me!


You have enabled DMA?

Go to device manager, IDE controllers, and check the properties of the IDE channels.

I am running win2k with the liteon with no problems once DMA was activated. Win2k didn’t re-search the settings when I stuck in a new drive, I had to set it to DMA myself.

Oh, also, I don’t use the VIA busmaster drivers, I only use the drivers that came with 2k, since as you said the via busmaster drivers SUCK!

I am using Fuji 24x CDrs (TY’s) and burning them at 32x, and scanning CDs for errors, it finds 0.

Ditto. I’m running Win2k with the stock M$ IDE drivers. DMA enabled. My 32123S burns at 32x no problem.

Ello all

Thanks for all ur replies. I finally managed to suss it after trawling through many many mannny msgboards/forums and the like and extracted relevant info from about a million different posts, and managed to suss the problem. It’s annoyingly very simple, and ill just outline it to anyone else having the same problem [ive never seen any msg in any forum with someone with exactly same prob as this]

in simple terms: disable UDMA for the burner’s port in the BIOS, and enable it in win2k device manager. it works - woohoo! dont really know why, but i dont care cos it works a treat!

Config is [unchanged at]

[location, description, bios setting]
Pri Mas - Main HD UDMA auto
Pri Sla - secondary old HD, PIO auto [it doesnt support UDMA anyway]
Sec Mas - 24x burner UDMA disabled, Auto detect
Sec Sla - old burner, UDMA disabled , auto detect

Then in Win2k device manager, UDMA is set enabled on the 24x burner.
[still using all the standard drivers that installed with win2k when i first set it up. ridiculously stable - woohooo!! ]

Managed to simulate no botehr in 16x with 1% CPU usage. cant simulate any higher in nero. havent actually tried a burn yet but im gonna presume it works; it previously simulated and burned at exactly the same slow 8x ish speed, with high processor usage.

cheers, sorry if this dont make sense but im very hungover!!
ps wud be interested to hear if this works for neone else , or if it doesnt for that matter.

Strange, that sounds like a BIOS issue, since on my MB (A7v133 bios 1008) It detects all devices capable of UDMA and it lists it that way. I didn’t have to turn anything off or use PIO mode in the BIOS.

Oh well, at leat now you got it working. :slight_smile:

I’m running Win2kPro on an Abit KG7-RAID mobo. I’m running an LTR32123S on secondary IDE as master and an LTD163 on secondary IDE as slave. (I have an LS-120 drive on primary IDE, and the hard drives are on the RAID controller). I have UDMA for the Liteys enabled in both the BIOS as well as Win device manager. Is there any way I can verify that UDMA is actually working? Thanks.


Is that a VIA chipset on that board though?

Try and get hold of a benchmarking utility to see how much data is gettin through from a read.


Nero info tool ~150k zipped tells you all the info you need to know. Sorry, I don’t have the link handy.

Ok, the Abit KG7-RAID is a hybrid board, with the AMD-761 northbridge and the VIA 686B southbridge.

As an experiment, with the thing set up normally, NERO CD-Speed tells me I have a burst rate of 18 MB/s with the LTD163 and 16 MB/s with the LTR32123S. I went into BIOS and disabled UDMA for the drives and re-ran the tests. The burst rate for the LTD163 dropped to 12 MB/s. That was enough for me. I went back and re-enabled UDMA in the BIOS. Everything works fine.

Ahh yea that sounds quite conclusive then!


I’m using a Abit KT7A raid board… dun seem to have ur kinda prob… UDMA is enabled in bios and win2k… :slight_smile:

bios UDMA settings shdnt affect performance in win2k… no?

C4a0s: no it shudnt but does - its the VIA chipset probs!!