VIA to Make IDE RAID Controllers

Specially for Alexnoe:

VIA continues diversifying its products. The situation in the chipset market is not very favorable for VIA that is why they are doing their best to apply their energy and ambitions most efficiently. As you know, the company has already established the production of chips for optical drives and some mainboard controllers, including USB controllers, IEEE1394 controllers, network chips, TV-Out controllers, audio codecs and Super I/O. Now VIA is planning to start making IDE controllers as well.

According to our sources, VIA is about to launch two new IDE controllers supporting Parallel ATA and Serial ATA interfaces simultaneously. These will be VIA VT6410 and VIA VT6420.

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Wednesday 18 December 2002

VIA, SiS 800MHz FSB product roadmap updates
Charles Chou, Taipei; Christy Lee,

VIA Technologies and Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) recently made slight updates to their new product roadmaps for chipsets supporting 800MHz FSB (front-side bus) speed and the DDR400 memory standard. VIA decided to rename its products the PT series, while SiS now plans to introduce a SiS655FX for dual-channel DDR400 support.

The updates were in response to Intel’s specification changes in its new Springdale platform. The chip giant had announced that instead of 677MHz FSB and dual-channel DDR333 standards, its Springdale products, expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2003, will come with 800MHz FSB and dual-channel DDR400 designs.

Due to the press of time, most chipset designers will introduce products that support single-channel DDR400 first and the dual-channel versions later. However, both versions will support Intel’s Hyper-Threading Technology, which allows one processor to work as a dual-processor set.

As for other new chipset specifications, products with 802.11 WLAN (wireless local area network) support have so far not been seen in companies’ roadmaps despite designers’ previous announcement that they will start introducing the standard into their desktop-use chipsets. VIA said that it is still difficult to incorporate the MAC (media access controller) into the south bridge chip, as the transmission specification between MAC and RF (radio frequency) has not been standardized yet. However, it will begin the integration process in the second half of 2003, VIA added.

My latest encountering with VIA technology:

Mainboard with i440FX chipset
=> when VIA Network card was inserted into the 3rd PCI slot, Win 98 did not boot…