VIA moves up CD-RW chip production to October

I just posted the article VIA moves up CD-RW chip production to October.

VIA, mainly known because of it’s (buggy) chipsets on mainboard will also start the production of 48x CD-RW drive chips. The company will introduce the chips this month, one month earlier than…

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Ah…so people will not only have to install new mainboard drivers once a month, but also new firmwares to add workarounds for all the bugs they will introduce in their cd writer chipset, as they did with all their mobo chipsets… :r

Buggy doesn’t even begin to describe the issues with Via and XP. And don’t get me started about win9x either. Winxp needs the generic Via drivers to be stable!And I have tried every via point release since to get it stable. (Only 1 set of the earlier version than the windows xp generics worked) Via = :r

I just wished they’d get there usb working correctly.