VIA files local lawsuit against MediaTek, sues Lite-On IT in US

I just posted the article VIA files local lawsuit against MediaTek, sues Lite-On IT in US.

Following last month’s
lawsuit against MediaTek in the US, VIA has now
filed another lawsuit against its
competitor over the same cause in Taiwan. VIA has also added the name Lite-On IT

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What a crazy world we live in:g Greetz The diplomat:S

So basically they want to sue Lite-On for using Mediatek chips in their equipment even though the responsibility lies with Mediatek is they infringed on VIA’s patent. Hmm. Sounds like BS to me. I think Lite-On should give them the finger.

:r lol nice just the war between the corp’s…when will they realize that sometimes there could be losses in business…:g

strange thing is that Mediatek appears to be aware that something was amiss in their development process. Usually, developers don’t really worry about previous art while developing something since it can taint the development process to the point that you actually create something that infringes. To say that they ‘found flaws’ in VIA’s patent is kind of strange considering it isn’t up to a company to decide if there are flaws, nor their ‘novelty and improvement’ shortcomings, its up to the USPTO and you take it at face value not to infringe once you become aware. Eh… someone [mediatek] must have some cocksure attorney inflating their throatsack saying that their IP is better then elsewhere. Good luck, stuff like this stifles the market since no one can utilize the equipment until the injunction is lifted [if it gets lifted, or put in place at all, which seems likely] thats too bad, prices will go up for Lite-On products shortly.