VIA-chipsets slow down PCI cards

I just posted the article VIA-chipsets slow down PCI cards.

We all know Via’s chipsets problems, ranging from the sound corruption bug to
the file corruption bugs. Well, it so happens that tecChannel investigated the
PCI implementation of the Via…

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Now, thats the main reason why I dont buy myself a amd proc. amd procs are pretty good and all, nothing said about that. Its just the chipset youre bound to (there are alternative sets, but I think they’re not any better) when I read the above article you need 3 extra patched (!!) to resolve all problems (the patches make it better, but I guess not perfect) well in that case I’m willing to pay more for (a slower) intell proc !

I just bought an SIS735 chipset board for £50 and it does everything that a VIA one does at half the cost. Seems to be as good as its word too.

I’ve just bought two mainboards and two cpu’s . the cpu’s are both AMD athlon 900 mhz. The two mainboards are one based on Sis 735 chipset and the other on Via chipset…guess who’s the faster ? SIS ! And… also it costed a bit less than the one based on Via’s chipset !.. Anyway I think that nowadays best chipset is Intel 845. Ciaoo :stuck_out_tongue: