VIA 686B, IDE transfer mode falling back to MW2

Hi, nice forum,
I read a lot through it, found a lot of info but unfortunatly still can’t solve yu problem
Problem: IDE transfer mode doesn’t go higher that Multiword DMA mode 2

My system is MSI K7T Pro2-A (686B), WinXP SP1, BENQ 1610 B8M9 on Secondary Master (40/80 pin cable, alone/paied - doesn’t matter)
The maximum IDE transfer mode in Windows for it and Toshiba M1402 which both support UDMA 2 is MultiWord DMA 2.
I tried couple registry tweaks.

also setting MasterDeviceTimingMode to 0x2010,
and setting ResetErrorCountersOnSuccess to 1.
but if falls back to MW 2 (0x410) anyway.
I replaced atapi.sys with the one from SP2 but it didn’t help either.

Installing VIA Hyperion drivers didn’t help either, they allow to force mode to UDMA 2, but after reboot
it falls back to MW DMA 2.