VHS to HD then to dvd, will it remove macrovision?



I have to back up some rare videos that have not seen the light of day on dvd and some it doesnt look like they will any time soon and my tapes are aging. Can I put the vhs onto my harddrive and since I have anydvd running in the background will it remove the macrovision? if not, how do I remove macrovision so I can back up my aging rare movies? Anyhelp (no pun intended, lol) would be apprciated!


although from the SONY site, this gives you the basic details on how to transfer VHS to DVD. most all capture devices that use coax or composite input do not acknowledge Macrovision protection…but some may (i don’t know which).


more links:

and try googling “transferring VHS to DVD” for even more info…


I just went through the same process of removing Macrovision, and then rendering a DVD. I have an ATI VIVO card and ATI cards will shut down the capture if it detects macrovision. I don’t believe NVidia cards will but im not sure. I had to use a hack that fools the card into thinking there is no Macrovision. I purchased a Video stabilizer also that removes the Macrovision. I ran the composite cables from the VCR through the stabilized then into the PC. I captured using the ATI software, then used TMPGEnc Plus to clean up the files. I then created a DVD with TMPGEnc DVD Author. I have to say it turned out pretty good considering the source. Also some VCRs will output a better picture (the Macrovision distortion is not as intense). I tried running the movie out of my Highend VCR and it still had Macrovision traces. My POS VCR put out a much nicer picture with No Macrovision problems.
There is more info at www.dvdrhelp.com :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
This is the stabilizer I used, The company had it to me in 2 days from the time I ordered it. http://www.checkhere22.com/stabilizer.html


glad i don’t have to deal with Macrovision with my external capture device - a Plextor PX-M402U. it can encode directly to MPEG-1,2 or 4 in real time :smiley: so all i’ve got to do is author the DVD using NVE or DiVXtoDVD…


I was getting ready to upgrade my card to a newer ATI but was having second thoughts as I (my daughter) has many Disney movies I need to copy.
I will be looking at an external Capure device in addition to a newer ATI card. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


i haven’t yet tried capturing via my Asus 9800XT which has full VIVO functionality and my SB Audigy 2ZS Platinum. perhaps one day i’ll try it, but i doubt it since it’s so much more complicated than using my external device.


Yes it will, you can use NVIDIA with the WDM 1.08 driver on a ViVo card


aren’t the NV WDM drivers up to 4.09? does 1.08 get rid of Macrovision and 4.09 doesn’t?

FOR GF 6-series cards: http://www.nvidia.com/object/wdm_geforce6_4.09

FOR non 6-series cards: http://www.nvidia.com/object/wdm_geforce2-fx_2.26


Yes, 1.08 is the only i know that will work.


cool, didn’t realize that. thanks for the info :thumbs: :iagree:


Recently, a colleague of mine recorded a SKY TV program (UK satellite company) to a hard disk (via a PC an TV tuner card), but couldn’t burn the program to a DVD (attempting to reauthour the mpeg file) - with the message that the recording was copy protected. I assumed it was macrovision and loaded anydvd, and then tried to reauthor the mpeg, and it worked.

This puzzled me at first until I found that users of the standalone SKY hard disk recording system can record a file to to the hard disk even if macrovision protected albeit it is only allowed for a few days. The file cannot be copied though to the DVD recorders though.

In our similar case, the TV tuner reciording software did not check for macrovision and simply copied the file as received to the hard disk (good news as we now had a copy albeit still with macrovision). Once anydvd was installed, the macrovision was no longer an issue, and we could burn it where we liked.


that’s very interesting…i didn’t think macrovision applied to broadcasted content…


I think you can use this directly to remove macrovision



Guess what? I have over 300 tapes that need to be converted to DVD. Honestech has VHS to DVD 3.0 Deluxe that works great IF:

  1. You purchase a new CD/DVD reader/writer with DL read/write capability.
  2. You use DL DVD exclusively for the transfer at the highest resolution.
  3. If you go for the purchase of a new writer, opt for Blue Ray if you can afford it. I didn’t because I can’t see the need or the expense right now. Besides, where do you buy the blank Blue Ray?

If you can wait a few weeks, Honestech says they are coming out with 4.0 that converts to HD.

Now let me fill you in my experience. The current program converts thru macro and plays great on the now old Analog TV’s. With the new HD TV set out there they play , but the resolution is really degraded. Thats why I would hold out for the newer version.

Good luck.