Vhs to dvd

can anyone suggest to me the best method to convert vhs tapes to dvd’s??..do I have to have a “dvd burner”, or is there a program that will work with a cd burner??..do I need some sort of new hardware, or just a software program???

Hi k9 and welcome to the forum.

To actually write stuff on a DVD+/- you will defenitely need a DVD writer. But , you can also write (Super)VideoCD’s with your CD-Writer , if you don’t have a dvd writer.

The first thing you have to have is a device to digitise the audio and video. This can be done seperate (audio , then video) or all at once (audio and video simultaneously). The latter will require hardware that actually can record both.

Seperate :

To digitise the audio , you could use the line-in (or even microphone) of your normal soundcard. To digitise the video , you could use the video-in of your vga card (if it has one).
Standard , both your soundcard and videocard will have loads of recording software.


Method 1 :

If you want to have at least a decent quality , i would suggest using special equipment with some professional software. This is quite costly (over a thousand bucks) though.

Method 2 :

You can also use a (Fairly) cheap TV-Capture card.
You will need to use the software that came with your tv-capture card and hook up the vcr to the connector of the card.

Then comes converting step.

You know have a lot of huge files in some sort of format, depending on the software you use. This can be one of the following :

.WAV : (Un)compressed wave file
.MP3 : Compressed with minor quality loss
MPEG : Compressed with quality loss , depending what ratio you entered. Can include video as well.

.AVI : (Un)Compressed video file , can include sound (.WAV)
MPEG : Compressed with quality loss , depending what ratio you entered. Can include audio as well.
DIV-X/X-VID : Compressed with minor quality loss. Requires diffrent codecs.

Note : the explanations behind the extensions are not that accurate , but for beginning , it’s sufficient.

The most popular are :

Soundcard: .WAV
Video-In : MPEG
TV-Card : AVI and/or MPEG (audio+video in one)
Professional digitisers : High Quality MPEG (audio+video in one)

Now , depending on the format , there are different converting methods. I would like to suggest to take a peek at our Converting Tutorials