Hi, I have been trying to copy a VHS tape to a DVD and am convenced that there must be a way to by-pass the copy protection. Not having a lot of luck finding it on the web. Must not be looking in the right place. I am sure this question has been asked many times… and here it is again. Thanx

‘Video Stabilizer’ is a good search term…

You’ll either need a video stabilizer like the Sima or Grex products, or capture with computer using a tv/capture card that ignores Macrovision, like the Hauppauge cards.

I use this product.


There are a lot of topics here on this if someone searches.
I want to ask to see if anyone has tried this.I could try it but hate to pull my DVD/VHS recorder settop combo out of its place in the entertainment center.
Has anyone tried to go from the VHS output on a combo unit through a video stabilizer & back into the same unit DVD input to bypass the Macrovision ?
Does this work ? Or is it a waste of time.Since I have two of these the way my system is wired it is easier to go from one unit through the stabilizer to the other unit .
I just wanted to know if it would work on a single unit.

On the combo units I have seen, you can go out from the Dvd player, but you can’t go in. Of course there might be some out there with outputs & inputs, but I haven’t seen them. Why I like the unit I am using is if you want it can be all in one, capture, clip etc & burn. I don’t do that, but with the software provided it’s possible. On the capture side, I am in control, I just get the VCR set up to where I want to capture & let it go. If I want I can stop it after the credits or if I forget & let it go too far, I can clip the end of what I don’t need.

beef barley:
I took a look at the unit you are using .It is basically a USB capture card with a video stabilizer & then software to edit.
I would definatly consider it.
I already have a Grex & usually just go between two standalone settops .Even a commercial VHS still produces a lower quality DVD backup that a DVD to DVD backup.
Since there are old movies only available on VHS it is necessary to do this occasionally.

Yeah!,like KERRY56 says buy a sima. You can fiind them cheap
on the internet. They are easy to connect and remove macrovision
on pretty much all vhs tapes. You can even record in black/white
if you like to have fun like I do with some of them.