Vhs to dvd

Thanks to you folks I got my problems solved. I thought it was with DVDFab burning but it was my DVD hard drive. DVDFab works great with new one. Much thanks
I have many VHS tapes and movies I’d like to convert to DVD. Is there a program similar to DVDFab to convert them?

You’ll need to capture the video from the VHS player and convert to dvd video format. If these are commercially made tapes, then you have the added problem of Macrovision copy protection preventing you from capturing the video.

You can do this with a VHS player–>video stabilizer–>DVD recorder as an easy method, though it requires some equipment you may not have.

If you want to do this on the computer you’ll need a capture card of some sort. The Hauppauge capture cards ignore Macrovision and record straight to mpeg2, so that is a convenient way of doing this.
You might be able to find an old PVR 150 or 250 on ebay for cheap and not have to buy a video stabilizer like the Sima or Grex devices.

If you capture in dvd-video compliant mpeg2, then all you have to do is author the video. You could do this with free software like DVDStyler or DVDAuthorGUI.

If you capture the video with other devices, you may be using something like HuffyUV, a relatively lossless avi format. You would then need to convert to dvd-video using a program like DVDFlick, FAVC, AVStoDVD or a commercial program like ConvertXtoDVD.

I installed a WinFast Turner card in my computer and hooked my VCR to it and when I play the tapes I click on record it saves it to my HDD in DVD format :wink: it will also burn to disc…but I like to do a little editing :bigsmile:

I am currently trying out ADS Tech’s VideoXpress USBAV-192. Although I have two video stabilizers, so far I am 25 minutes through my first capture without using them.