Thanks for the help with getting me started on backing up my old DVD’s. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum. Still exploring the site and since I am new at it, figured couldn’t hurt to put it here.

Is there a way to hook a VHS player up to a computer and copy the tapes onto a DVD disc? We all know how ancient VHS is getting now, but I have some of my favorites on tape that I’d like to put to DVD if possible. Any help is appreciated.


Oh and I know how people hate to see the same questions over and over so I’ll tell ya now, I have searched the forums for this and the only one I found someone posted this…

Originally Posted by [B]zazonz[/B]
[I]A VCR, a graphics card with video in and some software that can put it into a DVD format.[/I]

And it was asked if they could elaborate more, but there was no reply.
What’s a graphics card with video?
Where can you find them?
What kind of software is needed?



You will probably find the easiest method is to purchase a DVD Recorder. These come with inputs to allow you to connect a VHS player to it. As your knowledge increases, you can modify the DVD files that were transferred from the tapes.


If your tapes are home made movies, copy protection is not an issue. If protection is an issue, you will need to purchase an additional device. Many CDF members recommend the following:



Check out Plextor convert x px-m402u
compost and s-video inputs - USB output


twenty8this. Do some more searching. There are likely 100 posts here on VHS to DVD. There are many ways to do it.

If you don’t need to edit, go directly from VHS to DVD with a DVD recorder. If there is Macrovison protection on some of your vhs tapes, bye a device to put inbetween the vcr and the dvd recorder to bypass macrovision (google search will show numerous devices for this.

To go from vcr to pc, there are multiple methods. You can go with the internal Hauppage tv tuner/capture cards, ATI All in Wonder and Theater cards, external usb devices, external firewire devices. There are many possibilities, and it all depends on what you need to do with the video…


Thanks for all the info guys. I’ll look into these and see what will work for me.


actually I just use a tv card in computer and record from vhs, the macrovision encoding is gone if recorded as live tv. I use a internal Hauppage tv card. STEVE


tv card is the way i go also,here is a shortcut to some listings




Here is the correct card to use that doesn’t see the macrovision and works with all versions of windows:

Happy burnin’


Thanks for the info and links guys.



Here is the correct card to use that doesn’t see the macrovision and works with all versions of windows:

Happy burnin’[/quote]
Or the USB2 version, also from Hauppauge.