Hi All,
I have a lot of original VHS Movies that I am afraid will eventually fail. I was wondering if there is a way using DVDFab to back them up onto DVD??
All these original VHS movies are Copy protected.


Do you have the hardware to capture the vhs to hdd?If so what do you have?


If you do a search on this site you will find a number of threads giving good advice on how to record VHS tapes onto dvd.
Bear in mind that it can only do it in real time ie a 2 hour film will take 2 hours plus editing and re-recording time. So if you have a lot of films it’s going to take some time.


I have a Liteon LVW 5005 to do that with VCR hooked to it. Maineman and Larry pointed me to this option. These have hacked FW to change speed to 3 hours, make region free, defeat the macrovision protection that is on the VHS, and are very forgivng if you mess up a flash. These will also play about any thing you stick in it If they will not play on this player they probably won’t play in other players. These use to be real expensive but can be found on line for about $100. The drives can be change it the drive goes out. You can also record programs off TV Search the following link to learn more Make sure that it is the Liteon and not the ILO that was made to compete. A 2 hour tape will take 2 hours to copy, but you can start it and forget it.