Vhs to dvd-

I’m gonna copy a bunch of vhs tapes to dvd- on one of those vhs-dvd recorders. The machine has one button copy and I have no idea what speed it copy’s at so my question is what media would be my best choice ( I suspect it copies at playback speed of the vhs, but I could be wrong) -the copy machine is a Panasonic.

Does it contain a HDD? If so you could ‘rip’ the tape and burn faster than real time…

I would suggest Verbatim -R, as it’s supposedly true multispeed capable for burning at 1x, or perhaps either +RW or -RW (Maybe RAM even) for editing/burning on the computer.

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The best media for your recorder depends very much on the recorder, and I think your questions fit better in our [B]Panasonic DVD Recorder and Player Forum[/B], so I’m moving your thread over there.

The recording will take place at 1x on the DVD. I find that my Panasonic ES-10 will produce excellent quality burns on most any good quality 16x media. So, just stick with the good stuff and you should be fine. If you’re not set up to do quality scans on your PC, but do have a DVD-ROM, you can use Nero CDSpeed to do transfer rate tests. That will at least tell you that the discs are easily readable.

Personally, I use the Panasonic to record on RW discs or RAM, then transfer to my PC for re-editing and re-authoring and re-burning. That may be more involved than you want to get, but the results are great.

I do the same thing with my Sony RDR-HX910 HDD/DVD Recorder (RW but not RAM) because I like the end results better and I can remove the menu generated by the recorder (using DVD Shrink in Reauthor mode) or even add a new improved menu using TMPGEnc DVD Author.

My Sony RDR-HX910 happily burns to every media I have tried so far, even 8x rated Ricoh DVD+RW media (RICOHJPNW21), but I don’t have any personal experience with Panasonic recorders.

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You can get a pretty good conversion at a reasonable price from a lot of places. But what are most of these companies lacking? Care and attention to detail! Other ways you get totally amateurish product done with domestic equipment.