Vhs to dvd?

I have 1click the regular version and anydvd and have been quite happy with the dvd to dvd results. What problems Ive had, this forum has been my salvation and I thank all that has helped. But I have a ton of vhs that I want to convert to dvd. Ive heard of how to use a inline decoder on a vhs player to a dvd recorder, but I was told that I can use my pc and a tv card and dump the movie to the hd then burn a dvd. Questions on this. Do I still need an inline decoder? Can I use 1 click and any dvd to handle this? Can I still compress the data to fit a 4.7 gig disc?

To the best of my knowledge, you will still need an inline decoder and video transfer software to transfer the VHS to your hard drive. Depending on the output file format, you may need something like 1 Click DivxtoDVD to convert the files to DVD format and burn to a disk. 1 Click DVD Copy (regular or pro) will not do what you need.

I don’t know that much about DivxtoDVD so I can’t say if it will compress the video to 4.7 gig. If it doesn’t you’ll probably have to direct the output to a HDD folder and then use 1 Click to compress it to a DVD-5.

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Avi8tor’s response is right on target in regard to the inline decoder still being required. What I would use for the conversion/compression to a DVD-5 would be Nero Vision.

ok so I’m going to need a decoder, tv card, and nero. Any suggestions on the video transfer software. So I can get my shopping list in order…and present it to the wife :bow:

I have a WinTV-PVR-350
It will do ALL of that … and some more
( plus you can watch TV on your Computer )

here’s some other PVR options

It came with ULead DVDMovieFactory
which allows you to edit , compile … even create menus

( you will still need an in-line decoder for MacroVision )

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@ bigjo,

I recently took that journey that you’re about to embark on to save your VHS collection. I just wanted to share my thread with you, from another forum outlining my journey to achieve ultimate success. My VHS conversions are looking absolutely great. I too have a Hauppage like Shannon, but mine is a WinTV PVR-150 MCE (OEM).


Read ‘especially’ post 32 to the end of the thread.
Hauppage has it’s own decoder and also comes with the capture software that will allow you to by-pass Macrovision-laced VHSs.

Since it will capture in mpeg format, I would recommend 1 Click DivxToDVD for the conversion to DVD format, it was simply the best for retaining all of the captures’ quality.
And ‘then’ I would suggest using DVD Rebuilder to reduce it down to fit onto a single layer disc. Once again DVD Rebuilder also did not lose any quality from the original capture and converted files.

Hope some of the info is helpful to you.
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I really wasn’t absolutely sure about the decoder part ( I thought so ) :cool:
… I never tried on 'Commercial VHS" tapes ( I would just get the DVD )
… so that’s good to know !!! :bigsmile:

On my WinTV PVR 350 - You may Select the format in which to capture .
and the “Quality” of the capture
I’ve never had to do any 'conversion’s
It’s not the same with the PVR 150 ? :confused:

RE: Page 6-2 in the PDF Manual http://hauppauge.lightpath.net/manuals/m-pvr.pdf


What I do to retain the best quality capture possible, since the capture is from slightly degrading VHS tapes and I want to retain all of the remaining quality, is to capture in the highest bitrate mpeg.
This creates about 6-7 GBs for a full length movie captured from the VHS tape. I can still put that to DVD in that format, but didn’t want to use a dual layer disc, and had split the first couple captures into two and put it onto two single layer discs. But that’s not what I wanted. I wasn’t able to find a program that could compress this mpeg file.

But then I started tinkering with converting the mpegs into DVD compliant format in order to reduce the size down to a DVD5 using DVD Rebuilder with an encoder to retain all of the videos’ quality. That’s how I ended up with the method which I did and the quality looks almost better on the screen than when I watch the VHS tapes themselves!?!?
Who knew, I didn’t. :bigsmile:

Thanks for all the info. I think I am on the right track now. As always this forum and its members hasn’t let me down. Its not like I can ask my neighbor for info. In here you actually get good solid info, not the deer in the headlights look that you get from a retail store when you ask about something more than (How do I turn it on?)

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

You’ve asked questions at Best Buy haven’t you… :bigsmile: