I have several videotapes, some commercial, some recorded from a live TV show, that I want to save on DVD and discard the cassettes.

I do not have a stand-alone DVD recorder. If I buy one, I’m afraid the DVD recorder wont’ allow me to transfer to DVD those commercial tapes with copy protection.

On the other hand, I have no idea how to rip from the VCR machine to my computer’s hard drive. I am pretty sure there should be some kind of sotware for this job.

Hope I can find some solution. I’m pretty sure I’ll get it from this forum.


I plan on doing the same thing when i have the money, but what you need is something to transfer the signal. I have seen the dazzle video creator, which means that you can connnect it to your vcr and record. However like i said, i havnt tried it, and have read that it has given some users “jumpy” results that you dont want. I suggest you research into the different recorders you can get, because it will end up costing you money, and obviously, the more expensive the model, the better results you will get.

Hope this helps


Hi Marcial and welcome ,
You’ll need a video capture card either internal or usb , this site should be able to help you out
I use a turtle beach video advantage , quite pleased , you have to also get around the "macrovision " , found if won’t encode to mpeg2 , transcode to avi works all the time … Need a fairly fast processor and at least 1gb of ram as transcoding really taxes the processor …
Hope ths helps


most if not all Tv cards can capture from vhs. I recently got the DTV1000 T and the quality is awesome


remember capturing vhs to hdd or dvd is in real time…ie, if it’s a 4 hour tape…it will take atleast 4 hours to capture…:slight_smile:

I have a capture card and recently bought a stand alone dvr, will let ya know which I like better after I play…:slight_smile:


Just to follow up on ZigZagMan’s comment re: standalone recorders; I bought a Liteon 5005 about a year ago…one of the best purchases I ever made. It’ll play darn near anything you throw at it. I was able to flash the firmware and disable macrovision…courtesy of cdf on this forum. This enabled me to archive a ton of older VHS tapes, both home grown and copy protected. Another nice feature is that if the burner goes belly up, you can swap out the drive and throw in another one, say for eg., a liteon 1693s for about $40 and again, you have a ton of firmware support available.

Anyway, not telling you not to go with a card, this just worked out really great for me… :iagree:


Reguardless of if you use an internal capture card, a usb capture device or a standalone recorder, if you find that you run into copy guard problems, there are video enhancers that will help sometimes.
Here is a thread with lots of info about vhs to dvd.



well for anyone with a leadtek card cough[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Leadtek\DRIVER\Capture] “Macrovision”=dword:00000000 cough


ADS Instant DVD 2.0 (hardware based MPEG/DVD encoder) outstanding quality and it passes through the signal, so you can copy your macrovision protected tapes (for archival use only) without any problems.



That’s exactly what I’ve been using for making copies from DVD to VHS: [B]Sima video enhancer[/B]. I was wondering if this device will do the work from VHS to DVD, but I am pretty sure it does.

There is an additional problem though, if the DVD is copy protected (almost all new releases), when I make DVD-VHS copies with Sima I always get copies with thin lines accross the screen, like flashes. When I had the video wires provided by Sima, the image quality was not that great, but got no lines; however, when I replaced the wires with better ones, the image improved a lot but then the lines came up.

If I use a back-up DVD copy (no copy protection) instead of the original DVD, there are no lines in the VHS copy.

Did you have any problem like this?


No I didn’t have any problems like this. I havent tried it with dvd too anything though, only with vhs too capture card (too dvd). Mine is the sima ct-200. I think sportfish and bigmike have used the ct-2 and I don’t recall them mentioning any problems like that either.



I just did some further research on Sima CT-2. All customers using it say that it works on all types of Macrovision.

The Sima model I have is an old one. I guess I am going for it. It’s about $70. I believe CT-200 has many more options though.


The sima ct-200 is on sale for 50$ after 20$ rebate (70$ upfront) at compusa starting tomorow. I think that is what I paid for it (and where I got it).



Would you recommend CT-200 over CT-2? I mean if you know anything about CT-2. I have a Compusa store a few blocks from home.


So far as I can tell (I looked into them both when I got mine), they are the same thing. The ct-200 has two more enhancment modes (one was lightening the picture which is nice to have, the other was color bars to adjust screen color or something like that). Other than that they do the same job. If they are the same price, why not go for the beter one? Maybe it does do a beter job (I’m not aware of it doing a beter job but it could). If the ct-2 is a lot cheaper, It will do as good of a job so far as I know.


Right, my main concern is the image quality of the copy (never had problem with sound), if the only difference is that CT-200 has some additional devices or mods without affecting the basic quality I am looking for, I’ll go for CT-200 ($50 tomorrow) over CT-2 ($70).


To the best of my knoledge, that is right, the ct-200 just has the two extra modes. Check the bargain basment in a few minutes for a scan of the compusa ad (under the next weeks ads post that will be up shortlly).


I use a Canopus ADVC100 (now ADVC110). It is expensive but you get what you pay for. Macrovi$on can easily be bypassed too with the pres of a button…