VHS to DVD with Plextor ConvertX (copy protection)


I have a few older movies that are getting pretty degraded. I want to convery them over to DVD with my Plextor ConvertX device. About 10 seconds after starting the process I get a copy protection error. In there any way around this, or is it telling me that it’s a NO NO and that it is impossible to do?


You need a video stablizier unit that connects to your VCR and capture card. It removes the macrovision protection on commercial VHS recordings. Run “VHS macrovision removal” through Google and you’ll get numerous devices that do the job.



So I take it there is no software for macrovision removal?

That’s why I went with the ADS Pyro AV/Link. It removes the copy protection. Got mine for around $120.00 and it came with Adobe Premiere 6.5

You could try AnyDVD. It has a 21 Free Trial. It removes Analog Protection as well as Macrovision. Should be all you need to do to kill the protection on VHS tapes. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: I use the Macrovisionbuster from HIT-IT :
www.hit-it.co.uk and am very happy with it. Connected between VCR output and tvcard input on pc.Should also work with your Pioneer recorder .

AnyDVD will not remove anything from VHS tapes. To steal a joke from someone else here: It’s not called AnyVHS. AnyDVD removes Analog protection from DVDs, it does not remove protection from Analog sources.

Wiki article on Macrovision

wouldn’t it be cheaper just to rent the movies in dvd format then copy?

Renting movies and copying them is illegal. We do not discuss rented backups, buy the movie if you want a backup.:cop:

My bad.
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