VHS to DVD Which way is better?



I have some old vhs i want to put on dvd. Is it better just to get a dvd recorder and record to dvd from the vcr . or is it better to record on a dv camcorder and then to your PC through the firewire or is it better to get a capture card and go from the vcr to the pc?

These tapes are not great quality so i want to get the best quality possible if i can and possibly improve it if possible. I dont know where to start. I was thinking of renting a dvd recorder for 30 bucks for the week and doing it that way. Any ideas?


Personally i will just hook up the vhs directly to my pc and mess around with it :bigsmile: …what graphic card u have?


ATI Radeon IGP 320M on a laptop.


Here is what u need… you need a converter box… DV is 3.2 megs /s analog into video card capture is around 20megs /s for the same damn quality… so again you need a DV converter box. it is wise to invest in a canopus advc 100 or newer box…
20 megs a /s is gona be very though on your hardrive … look for a cheap DV converter box ( it’s firewire)


I recently tried a similar project myself; one major stumbling block I came across is AC3 audio (the standard for NTSC DVDs). It is difficult to properly encode because the only official way to do so is with a dolby licensed codec (Sony Acid Pro has one, but it’s kindof expensive). The freeware alternative (BeSweet/AC3Machine) does not work well for everyone (the overall volume is often reduced to near inaudible levels).

VHS to digital is very possible, but it’s damn complicated if you want to do it right.

Good Luck :slight_smile:


If you want to copy VHS tapes to a DVD there are lot of ways to do it. Most take way too many steps and takes lots of time. Purchase a DVD recorder, there are several ones under $300.00, and do not purchase a recorder that has a VHS player installed in it. Why, it is best not to enclude the VHS player because if it go bad it will cost you more to fix. VHS player are very cheep. Just purchase a stand alone recorder. Put your VHS tape in your VHS player and record to the DVD recorder. Remember there are lots of VHS tapes that have protection on them and the recorder will not allow you to record them… Answer: purchase, about $40.00, a video stabilizer to strip the protection off your VHS tape. Just put the video out from your VHS player to the input of the stabilizer and the output of the stabilizer to the input of the recorder. Now you can record all protective VHS tape. Rememer to use good media. Robert


The device quoted above “black box” to remove macrovision above is illeagle in many places…USA included. But are easily obtainable and do work. A good capture device fire wired to your pc “I used an ads capture box” with good software such as pinnacle or ULead has given me good results on a similar project. I had trouble on my first try as my drive was partitioned as fat32 and hit the 4 gig concrete wall, but trying on an ntfs based system solved that lil problem… :iagree: