VHS to DVD transfer

I own a very rare VHS (an 80’s PBS nightmarish Alice in Wonderland) that I would love to burn a DVD copy of. Is there an “easy” way to do this? Hook up the VCR to the computer (with what cables and connections?) and transfer it to some burnable video file (with what software?)? How much degradation in quality would there be (compared with VHS duplication, 2nd generation degradation)? And, how much strain/time would this take on the somewhat up-to-date system (Pentium 4 CPU 3.00 GHZ 512 RAM). Thanks!

Well, unless you have a video card that supports video in, in which case you would only need the proper software, I would suggest finding or burrowing a DV cam that has usb or firewire (most likely firewaire) and transferring the from vhs to dv, then in turn from dv to PC via adobe premiere pro (not a free software). Thi sis how I transferred over 40 tapes from home video’s and vacations for my dad.

Some methods are:
Get a capture card which bypasses macrovision (you will need to search www.videohelp.com, to find lists of cards, then research which ones can do what you want).
Get a unit which connects between your vcr and your pc, which will bypass macrovision (sima, and another which I can’t remember off hand), and transfer to your pc.
Get an external device such as an ADS PYRO, or Canopus ADVC to go between your vcr and pc to capture the video.
You will then need one of many free video editing/authoring softwares. The list is extensive. If you want very high quality, then you need to look at the more professional/semi professional authoring softwares.
And you can do it as suggested by the poster above as well.

You have all the methods. I do it like [B]xtacydima[/B] suggest, since I owe DV camcorder.
Only think he forgot, that for commercial VHS you will need, what is called “video stabilizer”, to get rid of protection, as other poster state.
As for your machine, I would get min 1GB memory, 2GB preferred.
I have same processor.