Vhs to dvd transfer copy problems help!



Hi can anyone give me any links help on to copy(back up)my Barnsley vhs tapes onto dvd disc’s please.

I did borrow a nice little gadget from weedougie but no longer able to contact him it was a scart box with one end from my vhs player’s scart to plug in and the other end was the out that went tomy dvd recoder,i have 4 Barnsley football tapes to back up but no luck with the protectio on them,this little device worked wonders.With only four tapes left i need to complete my collection of over 20 i have done no problem,please any help out there. :clap: :clap: :bow: :bow: :bow:


Do both units have Euro SCART in?


yes,they do on from the vhs player to the scart unit and one coming from the scart unit to the dvd recorder. :bigsmile: is it looking promising :doh:


If that’s the case you only need a male to male scart cable. When you record from your VHS video recorder to the DVD recorder, find which “AV in” the DVD recorder is picking up the VCR from, select it, then press “play” once the cassette is inserted and (assuming you have a blank DVD in your DVD recorder) press record on your DVD recorder. :slight_smile: Hope that helps.


With the tapes have copy protection on will this method still work i have used a convefrter from maplins years ago but don’t stock it any more?


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For removing protection from VHS buy and use SIMA-1 or SIMA-100/-200 and install it between the output of your VHS and input of your DVD recorder then you can use dubbing or just play as record function to convert your VHS tape to DVD format.


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