Vhs to dvd to pc back to dvd

I’m trying to find the best way to record home movies, edit them and put them on dvd. These are the tools I’m using.
Home movies on VHS
Magnavox cmrw 10d6 dvd recorder using Memorex dvd+rw
Laptop ibuddie with Windows xp 1100mmz,dvd-rom cd-burner, svid and audio out
Pinnacles studios dvd express capture device.
I’m curious about file conflicts. FYI I’m a truck driver and this took 30mins
to type. lol

The DVD recorder will do most of the work. If you still want to edit, simply rip the DVD to your PC, edit, then re-burn using any authoring program. You do need a DVD burner on your PC, not a DVD-ROM. But you can simply pause the DVD recorder while playing the VHS tape to edit out what you don’t want.

The back of the dvd case says you can edit video on a pc. Does that mean it has to be burned off a computer.

My goal is to use windows movie maker to add effects and then make it playable in other dvd players. I didn’t have much luck with vcd format.

Well, yes and no.

Most DVD Recorder units can write DVD VR discs - these can be fully edited on a PC.

A DVD-ROM drive could read DVD VR discs but can’t edit them or play them back. If you want to make changes to a DVD VR disc on a PC, you would obviously need a DVD Rewriter to write back to a DVD in order to see the changes made to the DVD VR disc on your PC DVD drive or your DVD Recorder or another DVD Player.

And I wouldn’t rely too much on the VCD format if I was you. The picture quality isn’t very good, you can only hold 80 minutes of video on one disc and the menu creation possibilities are very limited.

Here’s what I do:
1)VHS to DVD-RW on Toshiba stand-alone recorder.
2)Use DVDDecrypter to transfer DVD-RW to HD.
3)Edit using TMPG. Any editing prog. will suffice.
4)Burn new DVD with NERO.
If you don’t need precise (frame accurate) editing you could skip step 3 and edit using the pause control on your DVD Recorder. Hope this helps.