VHS to DVD to hard drive

I have a dvd that i burned from vhs to stand alone dvd recorder. how can i take that dvd and put it on my MacBook.

I really don’t want to download any software, i would just like to take to my hard drive and the imovie or put it on my Seagate external drive.

im not a computer whiz, i’m older so i not as quick.

If it’s just a standard DVD format, with a Video_Ts folder, why not just put it in your Mac and copy it to the hard drive?

There’s a VIDEO_RM file…should I copy that as well? Once i copy the VIDEO_TS and VIDEO_RM file (if you say I should) then what?

I don’t believe you need the RM folder.
“then what?” I’m not sure what you want to do with your video. edit?, watch?, …?

As Whappo said:
What do you want to do with the video?