VHS to DVD recorder

I want to transfer old VHS to DVD. Then, take the DVD to my pc and edit the footage into one home movie. I have looked at the Panasonic DMR-ES40.(I’m not seeing good reviews for this one).
Since my pc has 2 DVD writers/readers that are + only, I need to get a unit that has that format. (+R) Also, I want one that has DV in for camcorder.
What freestanding DVD to VHS units would you guys recommend? and why?

You don’t necessarily have to get a +RW recorder. Almost all +RW burners read -R/RW as well. And there is no such thing as a +R/RW only reader.

If you want to do on-disk editing of material, you really need the DVD-RAM format of disks - but that limits you in numerous other ways (for a start it’s almost universally incompatible with players).

My advice is to buy a DVD recorder of any format, buy some +RW or -RW disks (according to what format of recorder you purchase) and then copy the recorded files to your PC. Then you can do your editing and a multitude of other useful things using software before burning back to +R/-R media. Given some practice, the result will be far better than any on-disk editing function you can find.


Just a suggestion…
Why dont you get a tv card for your pc and capture straight on to your pc via that? It would save a lot of time transferring to dvd, then to a pc to edit it and then back to dvd again.
Put it straight onto your pc, edit it and then put it on tht dvd!!!


If you mean a PC MPEG2 capture card, then I’m afraid the hardware MPEG2 encoders found in standalone DVD recorders are probably much better than those that a PC environment can support. Also, using a TV card means you’re limited to a composite input signal, rather than the higher quality RGB or S-Video.

There are several nice MPEG2 capture cards that have s-vid input. :wink:

My comment was about the recommendation for ‘TV cards’. Some of these don’t have anything but a composite input for the aerial.

Do you have any links to reviews of particular cards, their encoding strategy or anything that might expand on this generalisation of “nice”, and thereby add more substance to the discussion?

If someone is looking for a comprehensive review of the “Best mpeg 2 capture card with S-Vid input” I dont think you will find it. Capture quality atleast in my experience has had as much to do with setup with the rest of the system, and compatability with the capture device, as with the quality of the card. I think before puchasing a card a person needs to research and based on what features are important to them, and what their system specs are then make a educated purchase.
The best I can say is to look at this