VHS to DVD Recorder to Computer

I couldn’t figure out how to Google such a question…but I am glad I stumbled upon this forum. I look forward to learning and eventually helping out. I have introduced myself in the LivingRoom and will now post my first question. Thank you very much.

OK…I have a few VHS tapes containing family video footage. I purchased a Sony DVD Recorder (RDR-GX255) in hopes of not only having something to record car races and golf tournaments and football games and all that stuff that we usually miss because Sunday is a family activity day, (((deep breath))) but also in the hopes of being able to transfer the VHS footage to DVD and eventually get it into the computer for editing, sound montaging, and all the other fabulous options that computers bring to the table.

ANYWAY, I recorded a baseball game on the DVD recorder and immediately took the finalized disc to each of my computers only to find out it couldn’t be recognized. My first guess is to go get new DVD drives for the computers. My second guess is to get new computers.

You need to check your drives capabilities to see if it will read the type media you are putting in it.Many burning softwares have the information.If you don’t have ImgBurn I suggest getting it .It’s freeware.
In Imgburn Select a Mode Write will be fine for this.Then Tools\Drive\Capabilities The checked boxes show the media your drive will Read & Write.
My drive reads the discs from both my settop recorders & one of those only records - R format.
If your drives don’t read the media your Sony records then you just need a new drive not a new computer.Unless your computer is really old & maybe not then.My older computer a 1999 IBM does fine with a new drive.

A couple of things that might help!

First, your dvd recorder will likely record in various modes VR or Video. You may be selecting the incorrect mode. Make sure that you recorder is recording in Video mode.

Second, you mention doing a editing, and special effects type stuff. You can edit video recorded on a dvd recorder. Your quality will suffer a bit, and your editing options are fewer, than if your video was recorded to .avi or dv-avi (which you can’t do with a video recorder). You will want to find a good mpeg editing software. One is Womble Mpeg, and there are a couple of others.

Depending on the size and type of your television, your editing output may or may not be acceptable viewing quality for you. But give it a try. You can download trial versions of most softwares…

Thanks cholla and harley.

OK…my most recent attempt at making the jump from the Sony DVD recorder to the Windows PC via LG Combo Drive.

I recorded to DVD-R (instead of DVD+R) on the Sony GX255 DVD recorder. I was surprised to see the Sony forced the disc to be formatted in VR mode. I thought that was reserved for RW’s?

I recorded 6 minutes of a student’s exam from my Panasonic DVC via S-Video with no sound. (I didn’t know S-Video was video only…makes sense I guess)

Anyway, after ‘title-ing’ and finalizing, I take it to the computer and it is recognized as a DVD! However…I don’t know what to do with it.

Upon exploring the disc menu, I see these two files.
VR_MANGR.ifo 4kb
VR_MOVIE.VRO 296,812 kb

Am I getting close to having video to import into an editing suite?

Is it playing back on a standalone dvd player?

And, take a look at a program called IFO edit and see if it will do what you want.

No play in standalone. Thanks for pointing that out.

…can I jump to the conclusion that recording to DVD+R should be the first step for archival purposes since they will playback on a standalone, and then record the DVD+R data onto DVD-R for computer processes? Or are there no such hard and fast rules in the area of DVD recording and playback? And, depending on my connection options, will signal degradation become an issue of concern?

I’ll check out the ‘IFO edit’. Thanks.

Before looking into ‘IFO edit’ I googled .VRO files and found suggestions to simply save the file to the hard-drive and rename the extension to .mpg. Windows Media Player is playing the file right now.

In the ‘now playing’ pane there is a error icon next to the file name. Clicking on it gives me the message…“Windows Media Player cannot play the file because a required codec is not installed on your computer” even though it previously searched for and found the required codec.

A quick check of Windows Movie Maker.
It accepts the .mpg version of the .VRO file, but the screen is black as it plays.

I am happy to have ‘discovered’ something positive today.
Our best software on hand is Adobe Premiere 4 and Pinnacle…though they are not installed at this time.

You need to find out what to do on your recorder, to make it save the video in VIDEO format, and not VR. Check your user manual, or the manufacturers web site and see what you can find…

My standalone the one that only records on -R or -RW will only format VR mode to a -RW disc otherwise it defaults to Video mode.
It’s not a Sony it a rebadged Funai.

I have an Insignia (rebadged LG) DVD/VHS combo unit. When using DVD+RW in VR mode you can use CloneDVD2 to copy them to the harddrive. However CloneDVD2 will choke on DVD-RW in VR mode. I haven’t tried any DVD±R’s yet. Hope that helps.