VHS to DVD recorder - how much does media matter?

I purchased a Toshiba DVR620 DVD/VHS Recorder to transfer my old VHS tapes to DVD. I have a large amount of tapes spanning about 25 years and I simply wanted to convert them to digital format. I don’t really care about editing so I figured this product was the easiest and least time consuming method since the entire copy and burn is automated. All I need to do is change DVD-+R discs when they fill up and change the VHS tapes when they finish (the tapes even rewind automatically).

I had an old partially used 100 pack of Fuji DVD-R around which according to the media info are “Fujifilm DVD-R ProdiscF01” discs. I’ve burned around 50 of them so far over the past few weeks and haven’t had any errors. I tested a few to see if my PS3 could read them and it could (though I didn’t watch the whole disc). My PC can also do so. Obviously the Toshiba DVR620 can read them. I also just bought a 50 pack of Memorex DVD+R discs (MMC-004) and burned one with the DVR620 and it is playable as well.

My question is about media quality as I’m interested in longevity. Based on what I’ve read longevity is nearly impossible to predict. From what I’ve read here ProdiscF01 are not that good of a media, but I had some that I burned on my PC at 8X about 5 years ago from the same package and they are still readable.

I figure that since the Toshiba is burning in real time (1X) that if the DVDs play they should be fine. Is that a valid assumption?

Also at 1X burn speed, is media quality as important?

The Prodisc F01 blank media could be quite good. Take a look through some of the scans in this thread in our Blank Media forum: http://club.myce.com/f76/prodisc-dvd-r-77177/index2.html Look for low PI Failures in the scans. Under 1000 is very good.
It could also vary in quality sometimes, like many types of blank dvds.
I never used it myself.

If your 5yr old burns are still playing well, I’d say you have a reasonable chance of these new burns doing as well.

We don’t normally advise buying Memorex, because they can be virtually anything…they have a history of changing suppliers without warning. Your particular disks are extremely surprising. I haven’t seen MCC-004 disks under the Memorex brand in years. MCC-004 is manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical, and is normally seen as Verbatim brand disks. They are the main type of disks that we recommend. (along with Taiyo Yuden). Do you happen to still have the external wrapper on the cakebox? If so, check the country of origin. I suspect it will be Taiwan, but it might be India or UAE.

In any case, the MCC-004 disks should be very good. But in the future, I’d advise buying Verbatim brand.

Media is a fairly important part of the equation, so buying the best available is always a smart choice.

I was actually mistaken when I said Memorex. They are actually Verbatim disks that I picked up at Best Buy a week or two ago. I’m not sure why I thought they were Memorex (must have been too much reading about discs).

I tossed the packaging, but I scanned the UPC bar code on my iPhone and it had a UPC bar code of 023942950370. I don’t know if you can tell the country from that or not.

Not a big deal to know the country of origin with the MCC-004 disks. I was just curious, especially if these had been Memorex brand.