Vhs to Dvd problem



I just bought the Roxio Easy Vhs to Dvd Plus 3. Found a bunch of old Vhs tapes and want to convert them to Dvd. I did this years ago but am having a problem now. I can get the VHS tape to show on the screen and it will show that it is recording. The problem is when it asks to put a recordable DVd into the drive, it won’t recognize any of my drives. I tried it on two other computers, so its not bad drives, I know this isn’t something most of you folks deal with, Just wondering if anyone has any ideas. T.I.A.


I had an earlier version of this “capture” device .
I never got it to work with Vista & never even tried it in W7.
It is the Roxio software that is the problem.
The drivers for mine never worked & the MS ones didn’t either.
IMO junk this device .
Then do some research & get a better one.

On another note if the VHS tapes are commercial movies you will need a “video stabilizer” as well.


There are supposed to be some good capture devices .
The ones I’ve read about are Hauppauge but I think any you found would be used.

What I do is I have a good VHS player/recorder (wish it was a SVHS but the one of those I had began to fail some years ago & I junked it.)
I go from my VHS player via SVHS cable for the video & standard red/white stereo cable for audio . This is input to a good standalone DVD player/recorder.
This has to be done in real time but so does VHS to a computer .

For commercial VHS movies:
You will need a video stabilizer like the Grex Dimax (the one I have).
Or one of the other good quality ones. There are some of those recommended in threads in this forum.

This is an example :
This video was done as above .Written to a DVD +RW.
The DVD +RW was ripped to my harddrive with CloneDVD2 .
I then used DVDShrink to cut out the clip.
Converted the clip to a .mpg with VOB2MPG v3 .
I uploaded that to YouTube & they did whatever conversion they do.
I posted it here at club.myce in this thread if you want to take a look at it.

Considering all the conversion I think it looks pretty good.
Try watching it full screen.


Can it capture to a file, which you then write with something else - it sounds like the writing side just isn’t compatible…
It says Windows 7, Vista, XP - are you on those, or on Windows 8 ?

On their site, it also says Windows 8 … can’t find any updates for it though