VHS to DVD problem

Hi,New to forums. I have been backing up my videos useing “MainConcept MPEG Encoder” and “DVD Red Pro” to capture. “TMPGEnc MPEG Editor” to edit and “DVDlab Pro” to author. All has gone well untill the last two. These are “Flying B-17 Fortress’ and Curtiss P-40 Warhawk” of the Roaring Glory Warbirds series. They both have distortion top and bottom and shake useing PAL and in NTSC it is fine but in grayscale. It is like copy protection but I am not sure as the DVD Red Pro should fix it, as it has done for all the rest. I have even tried to contact the people who ma*****d distributed them, but they seemed to have gone out of business. The videos are dated 1992. As yet have not watched either of them so as not to do damage. Hope someone can help.

It sounds like some really heavy macrovision protection or something. There were some tapes with protection so strong, a lot of players couldn’t even play the original tapes right, especially when they got old (like total recall and tron). Sometimes it can help to try another vcr for playback as their ability to read past macrovision varries.

Thanks for the reply, Ripit, I have tried them on three different video players. One of them at my brothers, just in case I was doing someting wrong. The strange thing is that they will play fine to the telle. But try to send them to a DVD burner or a capture card and they give trouble.

Short of trying a diffrent signal enhancer, the only easy thing I can think to try is play it in one vcr, run coax from that vcr to a second vcr, then run rca cables out of the second vcr to your dvd red pro signal enhancer. Some vcr’s provide a signal boost when converting from coaxal signal to composite.
If it plays fine on your tv but doesn’t capture fine, it defanatlly sounds like a copy protection or signal loss kind of problem.
One other thing you might try. If any of the vcr’s are more expensive ones, try the best possible video output from the one playing it (like s video or rgb) to another that has the same kind of input, then let it output composite.
Also, if you have an amplified antenna that has a pass through circuit to amplify cable or any kind of av distribution boxes in your home entertainment system, passing it through that might help as they usally provide a signal boost. I’m not sure what else to try short of a beter (and probably a lot more expensive) video enhancer.
Anyone else got any ideas?

Most copy protection relied on the fact that VCRs had automatic gain control on the input stage. Because the AGC was designed to be slightly slow to react, the copy protection companies took advantage of this to insert copy protection like Macrovision 1. Television sets were much more forgiving and would play almost anything.
If you know someone with a broadcast (TV, video post production etc) background you may be able to run it through a time base corrector. It strips off all of the video sync information and colour burst from the original signal and regenerates them. Some of the video enhancers do this as well, but the TBC can also adjust video levels and colour saturation/hue.

Does the DVD RED PRO Work Really Good. I have been contemplating on getting one of those but heard things about it not working. I am trying to save my VHS library from Old age. I have about 900 films I need to put on DVD. I want to do it right the first time. I even bought a stand alone DVD recorder. Let me know thanks

A few of us have used the sima video enhancers and they seem to work decent. I have the sima ct-200 and got it at compusa for 40 or 50$ after rebate (cannot remember which). I’m not sure how they compare to the dvd red pro though as this is the first time I have heard of that one. I did a little reading up on the sima’s and it would seem that they work fine with most common problems with vhs. They cannot deal with some more advanced copy guard from what I have been told (like if you were to try to do capture of a dvd via analog capture, though I have no idea why you would want to do that). I’m guessing only newer stuff on vhs might have more advanced copy guard. Getting something beter starts at about 80-90$ online (a little more than the sima cost at full price but resonably more than the sima on sale).
I cannot remember exactly where the threads on beter ones were (but they were on afterdawn). You might want to search the term “sima” on the afterdawn forums if you want the best you can get (thats how I found out about the beter ones), or maybe try to find the sima on sale, if you are not confident about the dvd red pro?

On some of my vhs movies when trying to encode to hd as mpegs get error due to macrovison , i then encode as avi to hd ( need more HD capacity )
Using turtle beach capture usb with ADFullCAP …

i use somethink similar to this to get by macrovision :smiley:

not tried it with pc capture card but it works fine with dvd to vcr or vcr to dvd/vcr simple to use but it has scartlead plugs on i am sure they are available with other leads tho