VHS to DVD issue!

Hi recently decided to to transfer all my VHS tapes onto DVD - R discs. I already have a jvc DVD/VIDEO combo which is easy to use for dubbing.

I purchased a spindle of Maxwell discs which worked perfectly fine. I decided to purchase some more which I encountered problems with. Everytime I start dubbing process it cuts out after one minute and then the disc is ruined. I can’t understand as these are exactly same type of discs.

Why is it that some discs work fine then you buy another 25 of same disc and there all faulty.

Its working out expensive now . These same discs work fine when copying on blu ray recorder from hard drive to disc. It has nothing to do with gaps in recording as I’ve had them before and can simply restart dubbing. It basically cuts out and makes machine freeze.

I come to the conclusion I can only keep buying these discs till I find some that actually work again. I’m frustrated as I had one left from an old batch of discs that worked fine also.

Any help be appreciated


Welcome to the forums Dave3678.

There are only certain types of DVD media that we recommend. The easiest to find locally used to be Verbatim (AZO) discs. Do [B]not[/B] buy the Verbatim Life Series discs, just those that have the AZO designation on the label. But it is getting much more difficult to find them at local shops. Best Buy may still have some.

If you are willing to buy discs online, you can shop at sites like Rima.com, or Supermediastore.com or even Amazon and find good discs. We recommend the Verbatims, and JVC/Taiyo Yuden.

Here is an example at Amazon for the Verbatim 16x DVD -R discs.

And here are the 8x -R JVC/Taiyo Yuden discs at Amazon.

Many brands switch suppliers, with no cosmetic changes visible to the consumer. So the Maxell discs you got the first time may not be the same as the second purchase. The only real way to tell is to examine the manufacturer identification code found on the blank discs. But even then, brands like Maxell, Memorex and Imation (among many others) are not consistent in quality.