VHS TO DVD....Dazzle software? yes? no?



hi everyone thanks for readig my post…wow theres forums for everything nowadays…well this is great cuz i love AV stuff but ofcrouse i don’t know too much about it yet…but i will soon hehe…well my question is…

Q: i i have bunches of home videos from middle 1980’s of family that i have on VHS… now i want to burn them to my computer and ulitmately burn them onto a DVD to pass out to family. what is the best way to do this? the easy DAZZLE creation thing seems like an ez way to do that? am i wrong? i just have a stock HP pavillion so what would i need to do? thanks for everything and any info on this. if this has already been covered it would be great if u could redirect me there…thanks so much.


I was thinking about getting one of these, but in some of the reviews i have seen, apparently they have a low framerate, which basically means that the output would be jumpy. Im thinking about getting an ati all in one wonder for this, but its ultimately up to you what you do, as the price difference is huge.


I would stay away from Dazzle. If you want something simple it’s generally considered to be one of the simplest to use. The bad thing about doing video captures with Dazzle and some of the simpler devices is the quality of the capture depends on the power of your cpu. If you have a nice high-powered cpu, you can get pretty decent quality, but it takes awhile. This is what i’ve been looking at to convert my video tapes. WinTV PVR is a hardware encoding card, which means it does the video encoding on the card which takes some of the strain off of you cpu. Converting shouldn’t take as long and you can capture at higher resolutions to get better quality captures. This is the one i’m interested in, i’ve read positive things about it and i do want to record some tv shows as well. If you do decide to get a Dazzle just make sure it has hardware encoding, though Hauppage has a better rep when it comes to capture devices. Maybe you might want to check out this New Egg.com because there are some lower priced cards without the TV tuner. In closing check out Video Help for guides and other opinions.


thanks for the quick replies and for the information. soudns good ill check out your reccomendations ill keep it posted.



There is a different option and it’s called a Canopus ADVC110. It is an Analog to Digital Converter. You can take a look at it here:

You can out put your VHS video from your video player into the Canopus using the players right and left audio and video into the Canopus and then connect the Canopus to your computer using Firewire which allows you to capture your video as a DV .avi file.

You can purchase it at:


If your motherboard doesn’t have a firewire connector then you can pick up a pci firewire card for under $10.00

The ADVC110 isn’t cheap however; it is an amazing device.



wow Eric thats an awesome option but 200$ lil too steep for my budget. But thats exactly what i need…a connector of the AV cables directly to computer for cheap…thanks for the suggestion.


I been using a Leadtek WinFast TV2000XP it’s reasonably priced and it’s been working well, don’t forget the quality also depends on your VCR and some are better than others.


Quite right. :iagree:
Many people forget that to get a good quality recording the source must be the best you can obtain.
Crap in = crap recording! :Z
The signal on tape and presented for viewing or recording is analogue the drop off on the higher frequencies happens due to head wear. Because of the mechanical nature of vhs players/recorders the heads take quite a bashing and because the loss of quality is gradual over time most people do not realise how bad it has become.
If anyone wants to record a large number of VHS tapes I would recommend them purchasing a VHS/DVD recorder. It has a number of advantages. Being new the quality should be the best you can get and it doesn’t tie up your computer for days on end. I have an off air HDD/DVD recorder and a new nicam stereo VHS recorder. This set up is used to record tapes. I set it up to record during the day and when I go to bed, this way I get 3-4 tapes done in a day. Once set in motion I can ignore it until I am next in the room.


i was also thinking of a dvd vcr recorder but can i record the videos to the dvd then transfer them to my computer from the DVD??? would the quality be ok? cuz i goal is to have them on my computer then make an DVD menu and such…using a program like interwin dvd or something,.


You should be able to do it that way. The advantage of doing a video capture is depending on what you use you can adjust brightness, contrast, etc. If you use something like Virtual Dub to do the capture there are filters to sharpen, de-interlace and alot more to maybe improve the quality of a bad video tape. Plus, it’s lot easier to work with a video file than to add more to an existing dvd.


thanks sikoone…sounds like a plan…my desicion will be in about 5 days so im takin all the suggestions…



sikoone has a good idea however; for a quality VCR/DVD Recorder the price is going to be more than the $200.00 for the Canopus.

I know because I own a JVC DR-MV1S DVD Recorder/VCR Recorder. Using a DVD recorder like mine; what ever is on the Tape is what you get on the DVD.

Bad shots and all. After messing with mine for a while, I found that it was easier to import into my computer directly from my VCR and Camera through the Canopus than it was to, record to DVD then extract the files convert then them to a editable format, edit the file, then convert them back for burning to DVD.

With the Canopus, you capture with a program like Microsoft Movie Maker (or numbeous other programs) as .avi files, then edit, then burn to DVD.

As stated earlier in this thread, you pay for quality.



As stated earlier in this thread, you pay for quality.


you’r right Eric well i guess it looks like i will be shelling out a good amount of change on this project then. Memories are priceless i guess huh.? thanks for the suggestion.


do a search for vhs to dvd there is a good thread on this subject. quality will be the same as if you are watching the tapes. can’t get better quality from lesser.


The same quality is all i can ask for…i know everytime time we watch the videos, they degrade the tape more and more…i gotta act on this fast huh? i runningoutta time… :sad:


turns out my cuzin has a dazzle so im just gna test this…for now…


I have no idea why people complain about Dazzle. I have one(Dazzle DVD Master II) and it gives sometimes better picture then what I saw on the tv. And I don’t have a cool comp (yet) it’s only a 1400 Tualatin P3! But worked the same way with my P3 750 pentium too.

I must admit I needed extra cooler for it since it has none and nexto my vga it might get overheated, but it didn’t happen yet.


I don’t recommend dazzle at all. If you want the best quality possible go for an ADS Instant DVD+MP3, it supports realtime MPEG-1, MPEG-2 encoding (in hardware), locked audio and supports hardware MPEG audio, LPCM and even AC3. It uses a better quality chipset and has a far better codec than dazzle. Unfortunately with these capture devices you might run into issues with some very poor VHS dubs, I have seen cases where some very bad VHS, bad tracking, poor sync, etc… caused these units to crash or lose sync despite their clam to lock to audio… Which is why I think the best alternative would be a DVD Recorder, if your tapes are very old. I personally use a Toshiba DR-4 and record on RWs and edit them on my PC later.

I think the ADS Instant DVD+MP3, ADS Video Xpress DX2 and Plextor XConvert are all three better than the dazzle.


Ok so i think this is what i will do now after carefully thinking and all your input… i will buy a dvd recorder and record straight from vcr to dvd then just put them on my computer and then edit them with a dvd program! you all think so? i hope this works…thanks for all the input!