VHS to DVD Copy Keeps Stopping

I have a new DMR-EZ47VK which is great except for one thing. The main reason I purchased it is to copy lots of old VHS tapes to DVDs. Most of these tapes have a few seconds of non-recorded dead spots between segments and the copying system keeps trying to divide at those points, then goes into a copy failed mode and stops. The information has been copied but I must restart the copy process every time it encounters a break in the tape. All I want to do is copy the entire tape to DVD without it stopping. Any ideas? I can’t find any way to turn the dividing process off.

Your DMR-EZ47V may have a defect if the copy actually fails. Contact Panasonic during the warranty period.

If, while copying, the recording stops, and the VHS section briefly rewinds the videotape, and then recording resumes, this is a normal but annoying design characteristic of this method of dubbing.

The DMR-EZ47V is designed to dub from the front panel controls. That method of dubbing creates new Chapters/Titles at videotape index marks or whenever it determines that one program has ended and another starts.

Is the DMR-EZ47V limited to this method of dubbing that stops and starts recording? Yes and No.

What if one wants to emulate the Time Limited and Flexible Recording dubbing features (as found on some earlier model Panasonic combo recorders) that do not stop and start in the midst of recording?

There are two workarounds. Both require connecting an external VCR to an INPUT on the DMR-EZ47V and treating this combo recorder as a DVR without a VHS section.

I suggest making a notation of the real-time duration of the recording you wish to dub before you start.

Workaround #1. Play the videotape on the external VCR, then start recording from the INPUT with the DMR-EZ47V. The recording will continue until the DVD is full or you press STOP. You may command preset recording time periods of 0:30, 1:00, 1:30, 2:00, 3:00, or 4:00 by additional presses of the REC command at any time. You may wish to set those preset recording periods when your item’s remaining playing time coincides with any of those recording durations.

Workaround #2. Program a “scheduled” recording, with or without Flexible Recording, where the external VCR will play the videotape during the scheduled recording period you specify. Remember to select the correct INPUT as the channel to be recorded in the Schedule menu. Be sure to program a couple of extra minutes into the ending time and watch to see when the DMR-EZ47V actually starts recording, then start the videotape playing on the external VCR. Remember that the DMR-EZ47V will only start scheduled recordings when the machine is powered off (standby). The DMR-EZ47V comes to life once it has entered the pause and recording modes so you may watch what’s being recorded. You may revise the ending time in the Schedule menu during recording, unless you have set up a Flexible Recording.)

These procedures may also be used with Panasonic DVRs.