VHS to DVD. A question about physical hookup

I have the Xpert DVD maker 2.0 USB, a new Sony dual layer burner, a good VHS player/recorder and a good video stabelizer. I am using PowerProducer 2.0 Gold.

I’m a real newbee/virgin and my problem is the physical connection.

So far, I have been able to copy VHS to DVD w/o problems w/o the stabelizer however I am losing the CC (closed caption) which I think is a “Line 21” thing?

How can I connect the stabelizer inline (RCA connections only) with the set-up I have (if it can be done with a USB connection)? If it can’t be done w/the USB DVDmaker, then what capture card do I need? I just need a basic copy but the CC is critical to me as I am very hearing impared.

Would appreciate a reply since if I need a VC Card, I have to get it now as it is being sent to a friend in Calif. to bring to me outside of the U.S.

Many thanks.


i don’t think the cc will work properly with any PC capture card. I haven’t been able to get it to work, and some stabilisers will strip out the line21 so, that means no cc, but this is only for highend video stabilisers.

I know one woman who copied some TV shows onto DVD and then copies the DVDs and the CC came out but I can not contact her. Of course mine is DHS to DVD.

If I can’t save my VHS to DVD and keep CC, I’m screwed :doh: being very hearing impared. :sad:

very sorry, but from what i have tried, i can’t get it to work here, and i’ve got 2 different capture cards - one of them identical to yours. I don’t think my cards report line21 accurately, and if it does, you will still need a software decoder.

I found Turtle Beach Video Advantage has a capture device which they say will go VHS to DVD and retain the CC. I ordered it and the cost was slightly under $100.

I’ll know when I get it on the 12th. of August and will note if it works.

Also, as a sidenote, i’ve used most of the software for video DVD recording, I know PowerProducer and UleadVideostudio tends to produce very poor captures. Just FYI.

I use PowerProducer and Xpert DVDmaker USB to try to do VHS to DVD and I have found poor copies. Last night I did a 48 minute Star Trek episode from Columbia House (commercially produced). I did it in HQ mode in Power Producer, using a proven medum and the final quality on my 32" Sony was poor. The VHS itself was fine when played directly. I also just for a test tried to copy a commercial DVD which I assumed to have Macrovision protection. Again, the copy was poor quality.

The thing I did notice on both was that the usual type of Macrovision and/or copy protection I was use to seeing (like 20 years ago) was not present. No flashing, color changes, fading, etc. No problem w/the shound though Macrovision/copy protection does not interfere with audio.

I am wondering if the Xpert DVD Maker has some sort of video stabelizer built into it.

I have just ordered a Turtle Beach Advantage unit to go from VHS to DVD because it promisses it will keep the CC (Closed Caption) with the transfer which is what I need. I also ordered a video stabelizer for good measure. All of this just to get the CC.

Hey Talosian… You could try and PM BigMike7. He could possibly help you in this problem. Ne nelped me about 9 months ago on just copying VHS to DVD. There’s a device that I purchased that I believe will get CC to copy but I can’t remember what the hell it’s called. I’m at my lake home now so I can’t look for you. But Mikey would know. Or you can do a search on the subject and find our thread that has a lot of info in it. Or if you find me in another thread i.e(BenQ Post your media here) just look back about nine months ago for threads that I’ve started. If you do that look for just Sportfish as thats the name I go by at home. This name is for my lake home. Hope this helps ya.


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Your answer to David was very good as we covered a lot of ground in the other thread-

Anyway David will not get his card until August 12 - so we are going to have to wait until then to see if that fixes his problem-


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