Vhs Tapes

I copied a vhs tape to my computer hard drive and want to burn it to dvd . I have Sonic My DVD and even though the movie was only 2gigs it wouldnt let me burn the full movie to a blank dvd which was 1hr 58 min long, it only let me copy 1hr 12min. Nero copy the hole 2 gigs but it wouldnt play on my home dvd players only my computer . Is there any software or anything I need to copy the whole thing to dvd.

I assume you have authored the captured file to a set of VOB, IFO & BUP files into a VIDEO_TS folder ? What options did you select when burning with Nero and did you load the VIDEO_TS folder in ?

i used a piece of software called davideo vhs if i remebr correctly.
I will check this name later on the day.
It works very well…could find much difference between the dvd and the tape

when I copied it with nero the captured video wasnt authored I just burned it straight and didint change any setting in Nero , when i tried to burn it with sonic MYDVD the software did all the work ,IT TRANCODED and burned it with a click of 1 button