VHS tape -> DVD recorder -> PC edit advice

Hey all,
Greetings from the “tarheel” state of north carolina.
Want to make movies from a ton of family videos. Have a Lap top computer with Pinnacle 9.4Plus. I have made some movies and put them on VHS tapes but want to go DVD. I’m thinking a DVDR/VCR/HDD is best way to go.
On a budget so I don’t want to get a DVD Burner for computer yet. My current vcr doesn’t have s-video out so that’s why I’m thinking about the VCR in combination with DVDR/HDD.
Here’s the general idea.
Take my VHS tapes
Record them onto HDD and edit with chapter/markers. Make a playlist of rearranged chapters. record the rearrangement into DVDR. Import the recorded dvd into PC and edit with effects like transitions, fades, etc. Output the new movie using s-video from compute rto dvdr.

Any inputs most appreciated.

I can see no probs with transfer on your DVD/VCR recorder, but as for the editing you wish to do you will find the editing rather limited on the standalone unit so I think if you are after transitions, fades etc. you are going to have to edit on your computer. I think personaly I would go down the road of transfering to the computer in the first place, then do my editing and burn to dvd on the computer. Only my preference though!

Thanks you very much for your reply!
I know it’s frustrating trying to pair up the right capture device whether it be a PCI card or USB with an appropriate editing software, since There are many cons and not very may pros regarding for example, the Pinnacle Movie studio 12, with crashes,and dropped frames,and only two tracks compared to Adobe8’s 99 tracks. Less than adequate sound quality is also a factor with many low-end editing software. Thanks again.

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