VHS Protection on Pioneer DVR-RT500

I just recently purchased the Pioneer DVR-RT500 VHS/DVD Recorder combo. My hopes were to back up all my VHS movies to DVD. Its states it in the manual it can be done, but I am running into a problem with protection on the VHS. I purchased the movies and all I want to do is preserve what is mine. Leaving the movies on tape, it will only last for so long. Does anyone have any idea how to disable the protection on VHS movies on this type of recorder so I can back them up.
I appreaciate any help you can provide.

Does in say in the manual that it bypasses macrovision? Because that is what is stopping you, and there are very few units that will bypass macrovision. If you search this forum, you will find numerous methods for bypassing macrovision protection.

i,m with the same problem, some VHS will work by removing the lead in on the begining of the tape, but the best method is to use a video stabilizer, your hand book should vagely show you how to connect it.(if you read between the lines)

The Manual is very clear in this respect. Refer to the Manual’s page 78, under “Note” you will find the answer to your question.

The solution maybe found if you make a search in the Forums as it was stated earlier.