VHS NTSC and PAL format: how to burn to DVD..?

I am new to this forum. I have years of VHS NTSC and PAL format that I want to burn to DVD. These are movies I made of my kids and date back as much as 15 years. I have a Mac and seeking the an easy way to convert to digital and burn to DVD.

I have looked at Canoplus but they do not handle both NTSC and PAL VHS.

One suggestion I have had was purchase a Combo VHS/ DVD recorder with Hard Drive.

Suggestions welcome.

I live in Switzerland.


Hi Edsherman,
There are lots of ways to put your old tapes onto DVD but the easiest way for me was to purchase a combo VHS/DVD unit. I can also plug my super 8 camera into it and put it onto DVD.
Best of luck,

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Keep in mind NTSC and PAL are dif standards, so don’t put them togheter to one disc.
Even if your combo solution burns from VHS to DVD it may keep the files according to the standard they come from tape.
To put them togheter you will need to convert to one of the standards, and for that you may need to go to a specific software or a video editor that can do the job.:flower:"Hi"s use to be for free

It would be best to convert all to NTSC. Most PAL dvd players (approx 95%), have no problem playing NTSC dvd’s. Not true for the opposite…